Sanitary Protection

Sanitary protection is a basic necessity in the developed world but in the developed world it’s unobtainable for many, in particular school girls who struggle to stay in school during their monthly cycle. 

For their 2013 visit to Uganda the North Uganda Outreach Project raised funds for 500 AFRIpads Sanitary Pads, which are made in Uganda by local women. These were distributed by Becky, Rachel and local Ugandan contacts to school girls in four schools in the Agago District. Becky and Rachel gave feminine health and sex education talks to the school girls, demonstrated use of the AFRIpads sanitary pads, providing the opportunity for the girls to ask questions through their teachers who acted as translators. Each pack of AFRIpads sanitary pads should last the girls for a year, and enable them to stay in education throughout the year. 

In 2016 Believe in Better and KIHEFO distributed 200 AFRIpads to school girls in the Kabale district of Uganda. KIHEFO identified the school after researching attendance and drop out rates. The AFRIpads were delivered by Namusika Sylivia and the KIHEFO team. To find out what it means to the girls in rural Uganda take a few minutes to watch the video KIHEFO made for us on the day: 

Expected Cost: £5 per Pack

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Water Filters
for Clean Water

In 2013 the North Uganda Outreach Project raised funds for and sourced 300 Sawyer Water Filters. These were distributed by Hugh, Drew and local Ugandan contacts to two communities in the Agago District. It is estimated that these filters benefitted around 1000 rural Ugandans, providing them with the ability to source clean water in areas where the only alternative is dirty water full of harmful bacteria. The North Uganda Outreach Project and Believe In Better will continue to focus on the provision of clean water to rural Ugandans.

You can find out more about the Sawyer Water Filters on the North Uganda Outreach Project blog.

Expected Cost: £35 per Filter

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for children


In addition to our key focuses, we provide support by collecting and distributing:

used clothing, especially for children which goes to KIHEFO's Nutritional Centre and children’s homes in Gulu and Kabale

football kit and other football items (e.g. balls) which goes to our friends in football teams in the Kabale District and Gulu.

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We also collect and distribute:

mobile telephones, which are used by our friends in Uganda to communicate, transfer money to family and access information and by the KIHEFO Youth Media Centre to fund its endeavours

media technology, including cameras, printers, and laptops, which are used by the KIHEFO Youth Media Centre, a project established by KIHEFO to up-skill the Kabale youth on media technology and provide them with more employment opportunities


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Believe In Better aims to make a positive difference, inspiring others to believe they can do the same and providing opportunities for them to do so.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far

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