Who We Are

Believe In Better was established in the UK and registered as a Charitable Trust with the Charities Commission and Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customers (HMRC) in 2012.

Our Aim: to make a difference, however small, to those in need. Believe In Better believes that everyone can make that difference when they are enabled to do so. Believe In Better aims to inspire a culture of kindness and promote a belief in a better world where those in need are recognised and supported by those in a position to do so.

Our Partners

Believe In Better works in partnership with the Kigezi Healthcare Foundation (KIHEFO) based in Kabale south west Uganda and the North Uganda Outreach Project which focuses on the Gulu district and northern Uganda. Believe In Better actively fundraises to support the work of both partners, and provides an opportunity for independent supporters of KIHEFO in the United Kingdom to donate to their work.


Founders & Trustees

Believe In Better was founded in 2012 by friends Drew Gillies and Rachel Godwin after their first visit to Uganda where they spent time volunteering and learning about the people of Uganda. This visit resulted from chance meetings and their own eagerness to gain a better understanding of the issues facing the developing world.


During their visit Drew and Rachel spent time with KIHEFO to learn about the service they provide to their local community through initiatives that include outreach clinics, and financial empowerment incentives, and their travel company Kigezi Tours. They also helped improve the Kigonzi Medical Centre. They then worked with Hugh Carville and Becky Dickens, British friends who established the North Uganda Outreach Project with their close Ugandan friend George after several years spent working and volunteering in Uganda. Together they went on to support outreach clinics and clothes distributions which utilised items donated by Hugh and Becky’s supporters in the United Kingdom. During this initial visit Drew and Rachel were touched and inspired by the sustainable and long term work of KIHEFO, by the dedication of Hugh, Becky and George, and the heart of the people of Uganda. They made a personal commitment to do what they could to help the communities they visited on their trips to Uganda, and others identified by KIHEFO and the North Uganda Outreach Project.


Drew and Rachel continue to work with these partners and when able visit Uganda. Believe In Better’s current focus is on providing AFRIpads to support school girls to stay in education for longer, although other support is provided based on the needs identified by our partners.


Both Drew and Rachel have always had an interest in supporting those in need and are studying international development. Together they work to promote their wider philosophy of kindness and compassion towards the fellow man - eliminating ignorance to the challenges facing some of the most vulnerable people in our world. Rachel, together with Drew's mother Christine Coles, act as Trustees of Believe In Better.


Delivered 200 AFRIpads to schoolgirls in the Kabale district of Uganda - watch the video to find out more

Improving and refreshing the Kigonzi Medical Centre, sourcing items locally and working with KIHEFO to mobilise the community to complete the work, resulting in a freshly painted medical centre


Enabling a fresh start for twins Vanessa and Purity by providing sponsorship


Contributed to repair of wheelchairs at a children’s home


Contributed to and supported the delivery of Sawyer Water Filters, benefitting around 1000 people


Supported the delivery of AFRIpads reusable sanitary pads, to schoolgirls in four schools


Distribution of pairs of Flipflops, to men, women and children


Collection and distribution of clothing in the Gulu and Kabale Districts


Provided flooring for classrooms at Amitsoko school, sourcing items from and working with the community to provide an improved learning environment for the children


Supported KIHEFO’s annual meeting for children which includes nutritional screening and the provision of school materials.